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Corporate Identity


Today, all the small and large companies are overpopulated by defining their products with marketing messages. This has made the consumer to competitive world to get a marketing message noticed. To reduce the product cost and service ready to the market for a product, branding plays a crucial role. This is the sure-fire way where we can register of any product in the consumers’ mind. Powerful corporate branding can furnish the better product or service with instant credibility and value which can’t be reproduced with any other product-based marketing campaign. This is like inserting chip into the mind of the target audience about the product or service.

This is the proprietary visual, emotional, rational cultural image that one is associated with the product or the company as it gives the first impression about the same. In short, branding gives the fair idea about what business the company is in, what benefit or service it provides and why is it better than the competition. Here we would like to  note some example that if you think any detergent, you might think of ‘Surf’; if you think of antiseptic liquid, you might think of ‘Dettol’; if you think of photocopier, you might think of ‘Zerox’ and so on.

He goes by the brand, yet imagines he goes by the flavor.”            
Mark Twain

Logo design

‘Logo’ is one of the most vital features for corporate branding. Logo is a unique message which speaks about the company or organization. This is the way which makes the business exclusive and valuable. This is distinctive code or message through which the company or organization recognized by their prospective minds. Logo gives a cohesive look in all the communication for corporate identity which is vital for building trust in our prospective minds and so, increases conversion ratios.

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